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I will make no secret of the fact that I am a huge Takeshi Murata fan. Ever since I bore witness to the throbbing intensity that is “Cone Eater” in 2006, I’ve been hooked. His “Monster Movie” was a breakthrough piece for the after-aftereffects generation, which singlehandedly gave birth to the now ubiquitous “datamosh” technique. […]

Correct me if I’m wrong, but to me, and to many of the godfathers of the modernist movement (Maholy Nagy, le Corbusier, Eames, et al), the concept of “modern design” has always been subliminally charged with a smattering of utopian ideals. Great design is good, sure. But great design for everyone is better. (Ikea apologists […]

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a true synth-nerd moment.  Having been an analog/modular buff since high school, but lacking the funds and general pro ‘tude of a true musician, I rarely get fired up about the synth market these days. The last time I got my hopes up was about the Hartmann […]

Another great record label with its own resident designer/musician is the UK’s Ghost Box, which I read about in an issue of The Wire from last year. Julian House does all the label’s covers, drawing on the traditional layout of paperback publishers like Pelican for a “institutional-retro” look. As stated in the label’s manifesto, the […]

Hey there. I’ve continued collecting and archiving cool book covers, but they are now all on my flickr page, right here , instead of on this here blog. Thanks!

Kim Hiorthøy is the principle graphic designer for all releases on the Norwegian label Rune Grammofon. I stumbled across some of his designs while browsing Mimaroglu Music Sales, an amazing distro run by sound artist Keith Fullerton Whitman. Hiortøy’s work is amazing, and reminds me of the simplicity and attention to detail of all my favorite […]

I recently finished a programming project in the Processing programming environment, which I just started learning this semester. I created a program which will analyze any image file, and spit out a tile-able swatch of camouflage based upon it. The program selects 5 predominant colors from the image, weights them, and creates a background of […]