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One of my favorite miners of junk culture past and present is Travess Smalley, a young artist (my age, in fact) who’s laser-sharp appropriations of mass media & tech crud are at once witty and compelling. Working mostly in the 2d realm, Smalley wields a Memphis group mentality, exploring patterns, shapes, and production methods from […]

Junk culture is all around us. For most Americans, it’s hard to ignore. Many academic, “creative class” types like myself do their best to ignore it, however, retreating to shadowy “high culture” enclaves like “ART”, “DESIGN”, “FASHION”, and other capitalized arenas of human expression. Having gone to school for Industrial Design, I understand the urge […]

The cover story on last week’ Pittsburgh City Paper was an interview and profile on artist/roboticist Eric Singer, a Carnegie Mellon alum and recent Brooklyn -> Pittsburgh transplant responsible for the founding of LEMUR (the League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots). His creations employ robotic actuation of acoustic elements, functioning under pre-composed sequences, in a […]

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a true synth-nerd moment.  Having been an analog/modular buff since high school, but lacking the funds and general pro ‘tude of a true musician, I rarely get fired up about the synth market these days. The last time I got my hopes up was about the Hartmann […]

Another great record label with its own resident designer/musician is the UK’s Ghost Box, which I read about in an issue of The Wire from last year. Julian House does all the label’s covers, drawing on the traditional layout of paperback publishers like Pelican for a “institutional-retro” look. As stated in the label’s manifesto, the […]

Kim Hiorthøy is the principle graphic designer for all releases on the Norwegian label Rune Grammofon. I stumbled across some of his designs while browsing Mimaroglu Music Sales, an amazing distro run by sound artist Keith Fullerton Whitman. Hiortøy’s work is amazing, and reminds me of the simplicity and attention to detail of all my favorite […]

infinity plus


for some reason i was obsessed with this symbol i found in a book of op art last summer (repeated 4 times here). i can’t really say why, but the expression “infinity plus” always goes through my head when i look at it.