album covers – rune grammofon


Kim Hiorthøy is the principle graphic designer for all releases on the Norwegian label Rune Grammofon. I stumbled across some of his designs while browsing Mimaroglu Music Sales, an amazing distro run by sound artist Keith Fullerton Whitman. Hiortøy’s work is amazing, and reminds me of the simplicity and attention to detail of all my favorite 60s/70s book covers. Here’s all the decent- resolution album art I could find (mostly from ). Enjoy!

Arne Nordheim – Electric:

arne nordheim - electric

Biosphere/Deathprod – Nordheim Transformed:

biosphere/deathprod - nordheim transformed

Food – Veggie:

Arve Henriksen – Chiaroscuro:

arve henriksen - chiaroscuro

Moha! – Raus Aus Stavanger:

moha! - raus aus stavanger

Various Artists – Runeology 2:

v/a - runeology 2

In the Country – This was the Place of My Heartbeat:

in the country - this was the place of my heartbeat

Jono El Grande – Fevergreens:

jono el grande - fevergreens

Phonphani – Genetic Engineering:

phonophani - genetic engineering

Arve Henriksen – Strjon:

arve henriksen - strjon

Moonlight – Free Music:

moonlight - free music


One Response to “album covers – rune grammofon”

  1. 1 Annie

    The Arve Henriksen Chiaroscuro and Strjon covers are so awesome!

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