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Junk culture is all around us. For most Americans, it’s hard to ignore. Many academic, “creative class” types like myself do their best to ignore it, however, retreating to shadowy “high culture” enclaves like “ART”, “DESIGN”, “FASHION”, and other capitalized arenas of human expression. Having gone to school for Industrial Design, I understand the urge […]

I recently finished a programming project in the Processing programming environment, which I just started learning this semester. I created a program which will analyze any image file, and spit out a tile-able swatch of camouflage based upon it. The program selects 5 predominant colors from the image, weights them, and creates a background of […]

dome obsession


i dug up some pictures from the height of my dome obsession, last november.  some small cardboard models, hanging on my studio wall: inspirational images, hung up in studio: my full-size cardboard dome, in process in the hallway outside my studio (it was too big to move all the way to the outdoor site by […]



last year, i became obsessed with geodesic domes and highly geometric 3d forms. this is a concept image i made for a project in which we had to re-design the housing for a tivoli kloss model one radio. the concept grew out of experiments with folding paper, truncating simple solids to make more complicated ones, […]

new chair pics


here are some quick snapshots of my new folding chair design (taken with my really dodgy digital camera, sorry!). i’m really excited about this one! i hope to make a couple of them eventually, out of different woods, and with more refined hardware.details:– made of locally grown ash hardwood, with reclaimed aluminum cutoff cross-pieces– hand-cut […]

i made 2 of these folding barstools over the summer for the carnegie mellon solar decathlon team house. i wasn’t too happy with how they came out, so i never took very professional shots of them. this one image was shot on-site in washington dc by neha thatte, showing the unfolded chair. when folded up, […]



after years of taking notes and drawing in graph paper notebooks, i’ve developed an ultra-simple, all-uppercase style of writing. i’ve been slowly building a portfolio website over the past week or so, and it occured to me to try to reproduce my lettering style in the design. i couldn’t find any fonts that really worked […]