new chair pics


here are some quick snapshots of my new folding chair design (taken with my really dodgy digital camera, sorry!). i’m really excited about this one! i hope to make a couple of them eventually, out of different woods, and with more refined hardware.details:
– made of locally grown ash hardwood, with reclaimed aluminum cutoff cross-pieces
– hand-cut aluminum and UHMW polyethylene hardware
– folds up to a single 1.25″ thick slab
– cut from a single glued-up piece, so the woodgrain matches up when folded, making it attractive for storage on a wall.



 folded front:

folded front 

folded side: 

folded side 

half folded: 

half folded

folded back:

folded back


3 Responses to “new chair pics”

  1. 1 q

    these look sweet!! are these normal folding chair size??? they kinda look a little bit tall and skinny in the photo, but that might just be the photo.

  2. 2 Spencer

    I think one of the best things about the chairs is how little scrap and excess wood would (ha!) be created during the manufacturing process.

    Also, black flag bars

  3. 3 danletson

    thanks guys!

    q – they are “normal” chair height when unfolded. (the seatpan is at about 18″ from the ground, and about 13″ square)

    when folded, they are 32″ by 16″ (2×1 proportionally).

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