Hey there. I’ve continued collecting and archiving cool book covers, but they are now all on my flickr page, right here , instead of on this here blog. Thanks!


Kim Hiorthøy is the principle graphic designer for all releases on the Norwegian label Rune Grammofon. I stumbled across some of his designs while browsing Mimaroglu Music Sales, an amazing distro run by sound artist Keith Fullerton Whitman. Hiortøy’s work is amazing, and reminds me of the simplicity and attention to detail of all my favorite 60s/70s book covers. Here’s all the decent- resolution album art I could find (mostly from discogs.com ). Enjoy!

Arne Nordheim – Electric:

arne nordheim - electric

Biosphere/Deathprod – Nordheim Transformed:

biosphere/deathprod - nordheim transformed

Food – Veggie:

Arve Henriksen – Chiaroscuro:

arve henriksen - chiaroscuro

Moha! – Raus Aus Stavanger:

moha! - raus aus stavanger

Various Artists – Runeology 2:

v/a - runeology 2

In the Country – This was the Place of My Heartbeat:

in the country - this was the place of my heartbeat

Jono El Grande – Fevergreens:

jono el grande - fevergreens

Phonphani – Genetic Engineering:

phonophani - genetic engineering

Arve Henriksen – Strjon:

arve henriksen - strjon

Moonlight – Free Music:

moonlight - free music

I recently finished a programming project in the Processing programming environment, which I just started learning this semester. I created a program which will analyze any image file, and spit out a tile-able swatch of camouflage based upon it.

The program selects 5 predominant colors from the image, weights them, and creates a background of color, and a number of colored blobs, whose size is determined by the prevalence of their color in the original image. The complexity of the blobs is determined by complexity of the contours in the image, and the transparency is determined by the range of colors represented in the image (this way, low-contrast images render “blurry” patterns).

The results aren’t extremely consistent, but pretty interesting nonetheless. Below are displayed several original images (scraped from google), each followed by a few swatches of camouflage produced by the program (which outputs square pdfs). I used landscape-type images, because they are a logical choice for camouflage, but as you can see by the last example, the program can be used to intriguing effect with any source image.

Source Image:


Procedurally Generated Swatches:




Source Image:


Procedurally Generated Swatches:




Source Image:


Procedurally Generated Swatches:




Source Image:


Procedurally Generated Swatches:



well, right before winter break, i finally managed to take decent pictures of all the furniture i’ve created over the past semester. i’m pretty happy with all the pieces, and i can’t wait until i get them put into a proper website, but until then, i’ll leave them all here. 

“slab” folding chair:

chair folded

final chair half folded

final chair unfolded

final chair front

final chair side

final chair detail 1

final chair detail 2

“slat” collapsible ash table (designed for small electronics and craft work, with removable planks of reclaimed maple, cork, and slate)

final table 1

final table 2

final table 3

final table 4

“clar” acrylic and hickory record shelf (joined with only pegs, holds 75 records + receiver/turntable)

final shelf

vase, assembled from bent acrylic, pyrex glass beaker, and support arm

final vase

curio stand, holds 10 polystyrene specimen boxes, assembled from reynobond sheet and cherry

final curio stand 1

final curio stand 2

if i directed you to these pictures, please comment! let me know what you think of this stuff!

dome obsession


i dug up some pictures from the height of my dome obsession, last november. 

some small cardboard models, hanging on my studio wall:

dome models

inspirational images, hung up in studio:
dome inspiration

my full-size cardboard dome, in process in the hallway outside my studio (it was too big to move all the way to the outdoor site by myself, so i left it in the hall for a day or two):
dome in the hall

a closeup of the sign i left on the half-complete dome:

the finished dome, in place on cmu campus:
the final dome
for the record, i’m definitely not done with domes yet. they’re just so awesome, they’ll have my love forever.



last year, i became obsessed with geodesic domes and highly geometric 3d forms. this is a concept image i made for a project in which we had to re-design the housing for a tivoli kloss model one radio. the concept grew out of experiments with folding paper, truncating simple solids to make more complicated ones, and making a useful object with no specific ground-plane orientation. i actually built a working model, but i currently have no idea where it is. i just stumbled across this image today, and thought it might be worth posting. i actually constructed a human-scaled geodesic dome around this time, as well. i will post some pictures of it when i have the time to find them.

tetra radio

new chair pics


here are some quick snapshots of my new folding chair design (taken with my really dodgy digital camera, sorry!). i’m really excited about this one! i hope to make a couple of them eventually, out of different woods, and with more refined hardware.details:
– made of locally grown ash hardwood, with reclaimed aluminum cutoff cross-pieces
– hand-cut aluminum and UHMW polyethylene hardware
– folds up to a single 1.25″ thick slab
– cut from a single glued-up piece, so the woodgrain matches up when folded, making it attractive for storage on a wall.



 folded front:

folded front 

folded side: 

folded side 

half folded: 

half folded

folded back:

folded back