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well, right before winter break, i finally managed to take decent pictures of all the furniture i’ve created over the past semester. i’m pretty happy with all the pieces, and i can’t wait until i get them put into a proper website, but until then, i’ll leave them all here.  “slab” folding chair: “slat” collapsible […]

dome obsession


i dug up some pictures from the height of my dome obsession, last november.  some small cardboard models, hanging on my studio wall: inspirational images, hung up in studio: my full-size cardboard dome, in process in the hallway outside my studio (it was too big to move all the way to the outdoor site by […]



last year, i became obsessed with geodesic domes and highly geometric 3d forms. this is a concept image i made for a project in which we had to re-design the housing for a tivoli kloss model one radio. the concept grew out of experiments with folding paper, truncating simple solids to make more complicated ones, […]