modern book covers


a collection of several vintage, modern bookcovers. book collecting is a hobby of mine, but i must admit i often buy books based solely on the charm of their covers.

la casa sulla cascata

found at half-price books, dated 1962. bought in the gift store, as evidenced by a type-written card found inside asking for visitors to refrain from photography.

a clockwork orange

a classic book, with an oppressive, bold cover. found at a thrift store somewhere.

film 68-69

ultra-simple 3 color cover. very interesting contextual criticism, as well. bought at a church rummage sale.

the hundredth monkey

i’ve never even read this one. it was printed in the 80s, but looks much older to me. bought at east end thrift, in pittsburgh.

the principles of two-dimensional design

what could be simpler? bought at a sidewalk book sale, carnegie mellon university, pittsburgh.


2 Responses to “modern book covers”

  1. 1 mjlevy

    the falling water book is pretty striking; doesn’t look like what one would imagine a book about falling water to be

  2. 2 Justin

    Some good ones in there. The Clockwork Orange cover is great.

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