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new chair pics


here are some quick snapshots of my new folding chair design (taken with my really dodgy digital camera, sorry!). i’m really excited about this one! i hope to make a couple of them eventually, out of different woods, and with more refined hardware.details:– made of locally grown ash hardwood, with reclaimed aluminum cutoff cross-pieces– hand-cut […]

more books


art in america, december 1963. i got this at a booksale in high school, and found it when i went home for thanksgiving. the back cover is especially beautiful. both are compositions by george ortman, entitled “festival”. caligula and 3 other plays, by albert camus. a nice cover for one of my favorite authors, my […]

myspace, rip


couldn’t take the pressure. plus i hated that it was the first result when you googled my name. professional life, here i come. for anyone feeling nostalgic, i whipped up this memorial jpg:#

i made 2 of these folding barstools over the summer for the carnegie mellon solar decathlon team house. i wasn’t too happy with how they came out, so i never took very professional shots of them. this one image was shot on-site in washington dc by neha thatte, showing the unfolded chair. when folded up, […]



after years of taking notes and drawing in graph paper notebooks, i’ve developed an ultra-simple, all-uppercase style of writing. i’ve been slowly building a portfolio website over the past week or so, and it occured to me to try to reproduce my lettering style in the design. i couldn’t find any fonts that really worked […]

infinity plus


for some reason i was obsessed with this symbol i found in a book of op art last summer (repeated 4 times here). i can’t really say why, but the expression “infinity plus” always goes through my head when i look at it.

light fixture


when the light fixture in my room got full of dead bugs, i decided to take it down, and make one of my own. it’s made out of: – a 12×12″ square of acrylic (purchased at a flea market) – a page of slides of the german countryside (purchased as part of a record set […]